House Specialties

Texas Quesadilla

Texas Quesadilla

Texas Quesadilla*
Chicken –
$10.95    Steak – $11.95
Jumbo flour tortilla folded in half, stuffed with bacon, poblano peppers, mushrooms and spinach.  Served with rice and black beans

Quesadilla Santa Fe*
Steak –
$11.25      Chicken – $10.25
Large flour tortilla stuffed with steak or chicken cooked with onions and bell peppers. Served with rice, salad and chipotle sauce

Order of three chicken enchiladas topped with ranchero sauce and served with rice and guacamole salad   $9.75

Four deep-fried, rolled corn tortillas, stuffed with beef or chicken, and served with a guacamole salad and sour cream  Chicken – $7.95   Steak – $8.95

Quesadilla Supreme
Steak – 
$10.75        Chicken – $9.75
Two large flour tortillas stuffed with grilled chicken or beef cooked with cheese, mushrooms and onions.  Served with guacamole salad

Super Chimichanga
Two flour tortillas soft or deep-fried, filled with beef tips or chicken.  Served with beans, topped with nacho cheese and garnished with guacamole salad  Chicken – $9.25  Steak – $10.25

 Enchilada Supreme
Supreme combination consisting of one chicken enchilada, bean enchilada, cheese enchilada and beef enchilada, topped with ranchero sauce and served with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream  $9.35

Carnitas Dinner
Pork tips served with rice, beans, tortilla and guacamole   $10.35

Quesadilla Mexicana
Flour tortilla grilled and stuffed with cheese, chopped beef or chicken and beans.  Served with guacamole salad, sour cream and rice  Chicken – $7.35   Steak – $8.35 

Enchiladas Verdes
Choice of ground beef or shredded chicken   $9.75

NEW! Pork Chops 
Two grilled pork chops topped with grilled red onions, mushrooms, and green tomato sauce. Served with white rice, black beans, tortillas and guacamole salad   $10.95


*Consuming raw or under cooked foods such as meat, poultry, shellfish and eggs may increase your risk of food borne  illness.